TENDEN is a company based in Grand Haven MI. I founded TENDEN in 2010. It started out as a way to avoid consuming products myself that were made overseas in work conditions I do not believe in. After redesigning my own wardrobe, I slowly started making for friends and family. 

As time went on, I enjoyed the work more and more. After a few people approached me with specific orders, the die was cast. This was what i was going to do. 

Still to this day, the products I design and make myself all depend on the mood i am in when I walk through the studio door.

In a nutshell, i started with jeans and dress shirts, on to womens casual wear, a handfull of wedding dresses, bags, canvas goods, and leather work, Oh, and somewhere early on i made some baby clothes, and now with my own child I am slowly revisting that.

So check back often! you will never know what you might find on the homepage.